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Originally posted by ShogunBlade
singel saber on staff is now blue stance and the dual sabers are now yellow.. single to blue
Unless you have different force points in saber attack. I only tried one an all not 2 force points. But I think your mistaken.

Originally posted by ShogunBlade
but the yellow dfa is now yawable (if thats a word) in mid air like it used to be in jo
This only seems to spin at the tail end of the move, and far as I can tell it doesnt help much.

Will get around to testing this more I hope. But my initial thoughts are good. Butterfly no longer seems to kill scores of ppl at random. Staff random damage doesnt seem so sevear, or doubles for that matter (i admit i havent checked this with some good staff users). Single feels pretty much the same except for blocking seems to have been improved alot, and heavy stances seems a little more jk2'ish. Aside from the stupid change of this backroll crap I dont really have any problems with it as of yet.

Look fwd to hearing what everyone else has to say about it.

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