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Re: Music (Not a piracy discussion)

Originally posted by Datheus
I don't find things such as rap and death metal, which hardly consist of more than a hard hitting beat to be music. A rythmn, yes, but not music...

So do you find current music to really be credible? Do you think it will get worse (if applicable)? What are the effects of the loss of music in a society?
It's funny how the act of eating has progressed from a simple need to survive, to a celebration of self-indulgence. Food now not only has to be nutritious, it has to taste good, perhaps even look good.

One can trace an almost equal line with music. Is what some African tribals are doing to their drums music? Does it have to contain lyrics? Does it have to contain meaningful lyrics?

I don't think so. Meaning is entirely relative to the listener, not the creator. Maybe someone out there is getting more out of a Britney Spears song than you will ever get out of a Pink Floyd song.

Yup, I like classical too. I like some rap as well. I don't really give a damn about lyrics when I'm in the mood for a good beat or riff. It's all aesthetics to me anyway.

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