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As I stated, this game requires the skill of 30 mins of mp experience. No offence, but I genuenly believe some people are just retarded. Thats not a joke by the way. They stand there with their sabers prepped to blue style and then stand...stand...walk forward a little...stand...use arrow buttons to turn around...walk a little...stand. So yes, not everyone can master this game, just those who aren't complete utter morons.
So the 'skill'. Well to get good at the game you need to basically time roll stabs, katas and butterflys and hey presto, you're a master. Thats the 'skill' of the game. Its done that way to help new players play quickly and easily. Although you may call all of that skill, it's nothing compared to the vast aspects of JK2. However, that is not the subject of debate here.

The fact is, there are better players due to experience. These good players can still easily beat your standard saber boy easily, although now, the saber boy may have made a few extra hits causing a bit more damage than usual, but non the less, the better player normally wins.
However, when these 'good players' come to play EACH OTHER competetively (hence the clans and competetive gameplay), presuming both parties being of similar skill levels (as they're in clans), one player will win randomly. He dodges a swing but for some strange reason, known only to a trio of bulltoads living on the third canry island, the swing hits causing death.
This is why COMPETETIVE gameplay is impossible. The physics aren't reliable and consequently players can win or loose randomly.

I summise that most clans are new to JA and therefore haven't played competetively yet. But to anyone who's played JK2 and moved to JA, its plain to see why this game won't work competetively atm.
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