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I don't know about Spork because I honestly never used it online, just messed around with it once or twice. I didn't remember any bowing, but it's been many years. ; )

I recall that when I played with a friend of mine in college, he showed me how to play so a few times as a joke I "crouched" in front of him and said "Yes, my master" (to imitate Vader in ESB).

The crouch in JK1/MotS actually looked more like a kneel than the one in JK2/JA which looks like a weird ballerina pose or something.

But oh well.

The whole "are you ready to fight" thing was accomplished by swinging your saber, but nobody ever complained "I wasn't ready!" that I can remember and I played a ton of saber stuff back in the day.

Bowing is entirely pointless because on a Duel server you're expected to be ready, and when you accept a Duel you're saying you're ready.

If you're waiting to setup your keys or something once the battle begins, you're wasting everyone's time and so deserve to lose a point and go to the end of the line. ; )

Don't accept a Duel until you're ready to fight, the computer even says "BEGIN!"

I use the "bow" taunt in JA after I've sliced my opponent in half or pushed his a$$ off a cliff. That's the fun way to do it! ; )

To me "bowing" is just another taunt, which is used (surprise!) to "taunt" your opponent, not role play or "show you're ready" (and don't get me started on the hyper crouching dorks) or worse... give the impression that you're not to be attacked or something.

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