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Originally posted by Glaive
I like that idea Jaden007 it does sound like it could be true. I kinda like it that boba gets his own back.
George Lucas and Rick McCallum have both said on numerous occasions that boba's role in Episode 3 is going to be VERY VERY MINOR and that he wont even be a bounty hunter yet, and Sam Jackson says that he knows he is going to die, yet, he doesn't want to be killed off like a punk. And being killed by a kid whose balls just dropped is being killed off like a punk. Boba will not kill Mace. I think it will be a grand lightsaber battle between Dooku and Mace, since each are equally matched, and mace is badly wounded, and thats when Palpatine steps in. Then Anakin, upset seeing Mace die, will charge palpatine but will be stopped by Dooku.. They go at it, and just as Anakin is about to deliver the finishing blow, Palpatine says to Skywalker that he must kill Dooku to become the strongest jedi now that Mace and soon Dooku will be gone. And thats when Anakin joins the dark side, by killing off Dooku.

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