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thanks for clearin that up whassup...sum of the misconceptions in plot were getting tragic...well highly u have fifa2004 btw?

And u should all read the books that are set between Episode 3 and 3 for more pointers...Shatterpoint is currently is a brilliant opiinion of the starwaars genre was low and getting lower as far as the books were concrened...until i picked up shatterpoint..

i urge u ..go to book store and pic up the starwars books.....and read the first pages or somethin...Shatterpoint stands out. Big time..its master work..but its not for kids thas for sure.. defineitly agree with the author that its PG-13...

bUt what these books do will give u a much cleare understanding of the authors and wats goin to happen leading up to Episode III especially if u are like me and fine the gaps betweebn each star wars movie, quite annoying. Get the book

my threory on episode 3 will follow.
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