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My Episode III Theory

well maybe i should rename myself Mace3

Anyway, don't u think it wud be far more interesting if episode 3 showed how galant Anaxkin really was as a jedi? We dont really see he's awesome skills in Episode 2, and i think its necessary to show and not leave it to the comics/games/books/cartoons too demonstrate....unless they do a Star Wars series.

Wouldnt it be much more confounding and entertaining if we find out that ANakin pretty much won it, or almost won the wars for the Jedi and almost crushed Sidious' plans thanks to the influence of Padme..but he turns to the darkside at one important event, the same event/shatterpoint he cud break the whole war, but also cement the Siths victory..and it is at that point he turns to the Darkside, losing the war for the Jedi and winning it for Sidious.

[Don't forget... Sidious orchestrates the clonewars...but it wud be intersting to know who he'd rather have win..i think he prefers the sepratists to win..that way he is in complete control...but it doesnt quite go according to plan..the sepratist movement is what is intentded to become the empire...more and more systems leave hte republic until it is no more..this way..SIdious automatically deals with his politician problem...but remmeber that this never happens...i think we will see Sidious' genius because he manages to pull it off using his less prefered and far more dangerous for him option of the two i.e. controlling the republic..this means that his influence or control is not up to episode 4 remember that the Death Star Commanders are puzzled how the Emperor wud control the senate without beauraucracy, that i can tell u is no Dictators first choice...the Emporor can finally do away with the Senate once the Death Star is complete..because no one will dare oppose him...before..that tho is an entirely different matter which is why the death star was so important...he is in controll..but not absolute control...this why i think...the clone wars is important..Sidious needs the seprartist to win..and Episode 3 needs to demonstrate what victory was won, and what was lost in what way to bring about the state of affairs in Episode IV...u have to rememebr the movies are fulcrum points...shatterpoints to be honest

The book Shatterpoint makes me realise something interesting as to what it actually means to bring balance to the force....and for those of u who think its a simple matter or light balancing dark in terms of numbers of jedi... forget it...altho it is remarkable that Yoda and Obi wan are the only two light siders left...and Sidious and Vader the only two dark siders wen we reach episode 4....but no chance on it been that shatterpoint.

what i WISH would happen is that the brave Anakin (who's credibility as the greatest Jedi still hasn't been demonstrated) who fathers Luke and Leia is actually frozen in carbooonite...because Sidious can't get rid of him or turn Sidious has a Clone of Anakin whooom he got from the boy when he was small...or from the young adult and used the force/ or lack of it to accelerate its growth...its that Annakin that becomes the evil darth vader....I like that theory..although its idealistic, Anakin being killed wud be more realistic and his clone taking his place.

So much for wishful won't happen...bbut if it did...i bet it will be a "didnt see that one coming did ya"

I wud like to see quality and ingenuity in the stoyrline and philosphy that will be displayed in episode in 3... I mean Shatterpoint as a book was brilliant...and it really raises the bar of speculative fictional writing especially as far as teh other Star Wars books are concerned...

Mr Lucas u have wowed us in visual and musical inginuity and replicate it in plot and philosophy...

a brilliant Episode 3 , i mean a truly remarkable story line/ script dialogue and action sequences and animations etc...cud really be the thing that brings 1 and 2 to real focus...i.e. the things that save them from being a meaningless flop...and can really set focus for 4-6 and ameleorate it... Basically episode 3 needs to be the best.

My take...realistically...? We know it is 3 years after Episode 2...i say forget about Anakin killing all the Jedi as Darth Vader that will not be in Episode 3...the books/comics etc will tackle that one.. I think we will see the Emporor proclaim himself so..and we will see Anakin turn to the dark side...Padme may be klled and that may be the reason he turns but i doubt it because i think the twins will be born as well...but Leia vaguely remmebering her mother as told in Episode VI will be explained either because of JEdi sensing or b/c Padme actually survives which means Sidious misleads Anakin to believe otherwise possibly prompting the Darkside. Windu may die...but i hope for a better ending for him...and maybe we may just see How wise Obi Wan is and how good a general he really is..

You must read shatter point.

I'd like to see better lighsaber actioni..anyof u see Kill Bill? or Matrix? Now that is action fighting with super powers. From the way the actions sequences in the scenes are shot..u cant help but get the feeling that the Jedi wont stand a chance a.gainst Uma Thurman character of Kill Bill (who has no special powers) or THe matrix's NEo/Agent Smith/ in weapons combat espiclaly sword fithgint. THat needs to be redressed....AGREED?

LEt me get your comments on these tho.
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