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Originally posted by Jawa8578
However, when these 'good players' come to play EACH OTHER competetively (hence the clans and competetive gameplay), presuming both parties being of similar skill levels (as they're in clans), one player will win randomly. He dodges a swing but for some strange reason, known only to a trio of bulltoads living on the third canry island, the swing hits causing death.
He does have a good point there, I can't count how many times I've been killed by a shot I clearly dodged or been caught in the foot w/ full health and died.
Not competively though of course, I suck.

Sorry that your thread got hijacked.
But the best way to join a clan is like they say, find a server you like w/ friendly people (or a**holes, your choice), and just play there regularly and if your good enough they'll notice you.
One thing to stay away from are clans just starting(to unorganized) or clans that are to big (don't even bother w/ |SiN|, not sure, but I think they suck and if I remember correctly they are arrogant and poor losers as well.
Don't stick to one server either hop around, find your fav. force regen time and force power disable settings, and play on those servers.

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