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Red face

Hmmm. Darn topic doesn't wanna stay closed!

Lujayne, I'm sure you remember the fiasco over at XWA when I dared to draw a comparison between prayer and magic. In the midst of all that, Stealth himself told me that religion and politics were usually a bad idea for forum discussions...and I've respected his opinion on the matter.

But you know me! I love to talk about mysticism, and manage to discuss zen, yoga and other philosophy without crashing into that 'religion wall.' Sometimes, I even talk briefly about God without using a specific religious context, toeing the line as it were.

Lujayne, Gunner, if you guys want to do a 'God topic,' I'll certainly oblige. I do think this forum is mature enough to handle it. I do, however, need to know that I'm not gonna find my sorry ass banned for doing so!
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