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Silly Imladil, I would never ban someone for wanting to talk about religion and beliefs.
Yes, I remember some of the "problems" it caused back at XWA, and even here, but I would have to say that that was some time ago, and since then some certain members (who shall remain nameless) who seemed to want to do nothing but argue (and argue quite hot-headedly I might add), have left. (as I always say, 1. he who has an arguement cannot compete with he who has an experience and 2. lighthouses blow no horns; they only shine--it always baffles me how people think they can convince someone of something if only they argue loud enough and have enough apologetics to choke an elephant...I've found that words should be a last resort in most matters, because action speaks louder than any arguement!)
(So if you ever want to start another topic on religion or beliefs of any kind, feel free)
And that's my speil for the day.
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