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Originally posted by Jawa8578
Im sorry to say, but anyone with any experience (due to being at least average at the game, which isnt hard) doesnt need to post on a forums asking wehere he can join a clan.
My point is that the very fact that you needed to post here asking how/where to join a clan is enough to demonstate your experience, and therefore skill level. Hence your not good enough to join a clan. Look for people who play badly and they might let you in a clan...or maybe not.
Well....we all started somewhere.

"Keep on truckin", you'll find one.

My opinion is to stay away from clans entirely, Sure I've been in a clan, only for about a month or so and it dissipated, most were older folks (well over 20, a couple in there late 20's) couple of us had children, some col. students, and one female (woohoo).
I have to say it was the coolest clan, and most of us were skilled as well.
Well w/ out beating around the bush, what I'm trying to say is if you want to play competively join a team, if you want to play for fun go solo.
Kinda reminds me of High School and all the Clics (sp?) lol, being said most of them are probrally that age.
No mean to offend you if you are 15 or 16 (88).

Honestly couldn't point you towards a good clan (most are invite only) but when I first started playing JA back in Sept. there were some clan servers out there w/ pretty decent chaps/dames. I don't play on clan servers any more really though.

Good Luck,
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