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There is so much nonsense....hooonesstly...Bobba Fett killing Mace Windu? You cant be serious.... Jango Fett was, till Mace killed him the most dangerous man (man i say) in the galaxy - this status i get from other star wars sources...mainly the books...shatterpoint for e.g. that tell u that Jango Fett was the most dangerous man in the galaxy.

Obi Wan couldnt kill him, he kills a Jedi at Geonosis (which is remarkable to say the least altho i dont think Lucas has shown how powerful the Jedi really his attempt to keep some balance by showing us they aren't invincible...he still hasn't demonstrated to me anyway that they are awesome warriors to be feared....if u dont understand this read Shatterpoint by Matthew Stover..he makes the Jedi sound as awesome warriours..yet not invincible, in some ways even more vulnerable than normal people..but truly exceptional..that really doesnt cum across convincingly in the movie to me.

Anyway...Obi Wan couldnt kill Jango, Mace did, if he is goin to die, it would be a by then very powerful Anakin with Sidious as someone suggested earlier on. Bobba would only be 12yrs.

Its unlikely its Dooku...i dont think he could take on Shatterpoint...Episode 3 takes place after Shatterpoint. WEn Dooku was still on the light side, in Epsiode 1, he was not the other senior member of the Jedi Council with Yoda, Mace was, at 40yrs old, in Episode 2 Mace is 50, in Episode II he is 53. Yoda takes on Dooku in Episode 2 because Dooku was one of Yoda's Padawans, you really must read the other stuff..Jedi's are very attached to their Padawans...again if u read'd understand why YOda had to confront Dooku, another e.g is when Luke encounters a 4,000 yr old spirit of a powerful Sith Lord Exar Kun, in that story by Kevin J Anderson (called the Jedi Academy Trilogy) . Exar Kun was a Jedi and his Master was Vodo Siosk Baas, Exar Kun abondoned the light side, became an evil Stith gaining incredible was his master that first confronted him when the Jedi came to fight him, because Exar Kun had been his Padawan. oher stories have shown...and Mace realises in Shatterpoint...Dark force uses can link together,but when one is killed, his power feeds back into the remaining ones. read the Sith Wars stories...they really explain that.
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