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Wow crow, you sure are helpful.

Cult Investigation - Tanaab
Watch the intro cutscene. If the dead cultist is any indication, stay the heck away from that mutant rancor. From the start, run straight ahead. Jump up to an alcove with a switch on it. The switch will activate a crane which will pick up a crate covering a door. A cultist and his duelist pal are just inside. Lure out the duelist and let the rancor eat him. The cultist is a pushover, just keep on slicing. Before you go through the next door, I really really recommend using Force Absorb. One of the enemies, the cultist, has level 3 lightning which really really cuts through you like nothing else. After this, the level wholly degenerates into a mad, frenzied, though wholly enjoyable romp through the area. Whenever you see a green door, enter within. Note that some doors do not open until the enemies around it are dead. Which either means you had better be extremely good at dueling or simply lure the rancor to eat them. At the end of one of the hallways, hit a switch which will clear a box nearby allowing you to jump up there. Secret area up here.

Secret Area: Before you jump down to the other side, turn right, jump up to the other crates, and walk all the way to the end of the crates, to the big pipe with the electricity all over it. Now, look about 45 degrees to the right, see the big blue glowing transparent door? Jump over to that platform, go to the left of the door into the small alcove, and there is a medpack and a large shield booster.

(The secret area above was discovered by JarJarBinks of the forums.)

Keep running until you find another door. Just outside the door should be a switch, which will lower a box into position. Walk through the door. Checkpoint! Run up the ramp in the room and kill the duelists inside. I believe there are three of them, two dualsabers and one staff. They almost exclusively use push, grip, and lightning. So absorb would be quite useful as well as protection. When they are dead, you can take a small rest. Secret area nearby.

Secret Area: Run outside, past the rancor, towards the blue forcefield at the end. On the left side there should be a small alcove with some goodies.

Return to the control room, and hit the switch up the ramp when the rancor is in front of the control room.

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