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Angry Long time, no post

I've found that even the defensive capabilities of Fast stance won't match up to a saber staff attack. All in all though, I've only had the game for three or four days (although I've played the demo to death), and found the transition from SP to MP a little... unsettling.

I tried going in with Medium stance (which is my favourite) and found that not only was I not getting very many hits in, but my friend was scoring more hits as well.

Keeping this in mind, I tried switching to Fast style and taking a defensive approach. I then noticed that blocking was inneffective. In fact, I probably died quicker then than I did with the Medium Stance.

I then tried getting out of my duelling rut and tried to utilize my Force powers. Protect seemed to have no effect, and heal took about 65 Force points to give me 10 health points, so it was beyond useless.

Then my friend got cocky and boasted that he didn't need both blades on his saber staff active to beat me. Keeping that he wouldn't have access to the kata and jump attacks in mind, I refrained from using those attacks and proceeded to whip his butt for the next two matches. He then went back to staff and I got slaughtered again.

I know I'm probably just suffering from n00bie syndrome (learning to use the moves in MP after SP is like learning a whole different game) but blocking is just a simple matter of positioning oneself so that they can receive the blow. It is essentially just aiming the targeting recticle at you're attacker (or their lightsaber) isn't it?

Although the backflip to DFA would work very nicely

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