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I believe it was Bono of U2 fame that stated "Music is the universal language". And I agree.

The problem with music as an 'industry' (and I use the term loosly) is what the "artists" are doing now is simply a rip of things brilliant bands such as The Beatles.
Thats another thing - cover versions. Theres far too many ridiculous covers of classic songs out there. And it's always "pop" (i.e. - sh*t music) or "dance" I cant abide those. The only decent cover I've heard in a good while is Alien Ant Farm's take on Wacko Jacko's Smooth Criminal.

Metallica, for example, hvae made a lot of good songs, but st. anger did not at least follow their standards. but some fans still thinks its a great album just because its Metallica. watch out people!
Metallica - Remember that they lost an entire fan base after they released their first single. Many fans believed they had sold out. These are the true fans. The ones who went to gigs and didn't care about whether the band released records or won worldide acclaim.
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