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Originally posted by ShockV1.89

Incidently, I can't stand Pink Floyd, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, etc. In fact, I dont like most "classic" rock bands. I never have. Does that mean I have no music appreciation? What, am I supposed to like certain music to be considered having "taste"?
No, perhaps I worded myself wrong...

It's not so much when people dislike "classic" bands, or anything else that I would consider to have more "meat" than current day music, it's when they act like what they're hearing are nails against chalkboards...

I'm not asking everyone to worship every type of music, but maybe just to have a little more respect and appreciation for the art form. Because that's what music is. Art.

If any old piece of music can just be sold like hotcakes, where does that put music? I can write better music than what I hear on the radio... Where is the "wow" factor in that? When I listen to the art, I want to be completely blown away by the sheer power of it. I think that's where a lot of music is lacking these days... It's all very bland. That's not to suggest it doesn't have a good beat or good melody. It's to suggest that it has the same good beat and good melody as the last five songs released this month. And then on top of that, no one seems to have any respect for the "classics."
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