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Originally posted by Jazhara7
I heard some mother talk to somebody on the phone, and she told when she showed the movie to her daughter when the daugther was younger. She said she had skipped the part where the Witch Ursula is killed, because she thought it might be too scary.
When I was in elementary school once, it was raining so we couldn't play outside. They made us watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas"(NBX), but the fat lady running the video had issuse with it. She skipped over every "offensive" scene (kidnapped Sandy claws, OgieBogie's song, Jack getting shot down,Sally sail out window,ect,ect,ect).

We only saw about 20 minutes of the movie.

PS NBX isn't a real Disney movie...when I visited the magical world at the age of nine (a fan even back then) I was angery--there was a ride and a booth for every damm movie disney ever made, but all they had for NBX was a small frame in MGM of twevle of Jack's puppet faces.
The dinosaur ride sucked too...
...good thing the place had roller coasters...
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