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What a crock
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Whew, it reeks of Agenda in here. But I'll bite anyway. I just can't resist a good one of whatever you call these things.

I must concur with Ptdc on the technical level - as much as I'd love to believe in a Land of the Dead-type scenario, my Bull**** Detector (Patent Pending, so hands off,) tells me that dead is dead. No residual spirit, no heavenly reward\hellbound doom for said spirit, nothing. BUT (and this is the mother of all "but"'s) I'm certainly not stupid enough to believe that anything could ever be that simple. My inner realist (!?) just won't alllow me to jump to conclusions of convenience.

That's my answer to your challenge, Ptdc. I hope you have some good comebacks for me. I'll be mighty disappointed if you don't. I wanna argue, dammit!

Originally posted by MeddlingMonk
I prefer to avoid being too serious in any kind of forum
It's perfectly OK to be serious on a forum, as long as you don't take anything you read seriously. Fine line, maybe, but as someone once said to me: "It's the Internet, man! Who gives a ****?"

Jolly good.

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