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Originally posted by Neverhoodian
I second the motion.

There's few more frustrating things in a mod community than to have a promising Total Conversion be about 80% done, then suddenly vanish off the face of the earth, never to return.

Keep up the good work. It looks like a real winner.

I think I'll put up a link for this in my sig.
thanks man for putting our raj website link on ur sig!

for what u have said of a mod suddenly vanish, well most problably there are some few reason for this to happen 1 of them is the mod makers comuters have spoilt and need to reformat their com . of course there are other reason but that the worst senario i could think of for a TC mod maker .wel for making backup on a TC mod is also gonna hard with so many files basic backup tools like diskett.etc wouldn't work much and transfering data to ur fellow team mates through the net will also take lots of time. however u can be more assured as Tito and RAbie(his cousin) have both have a copy of it so the files are mostly safe
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