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What you just described were moves straight out of the game manual more or less.

I read through the entire manual before playing and several times since, as well as through most of Strategic Academy and several other resources, and the only two moves which I listed that are directly referenced in the manual or anywhere else are the first two; and they're still difficult to pull off effectively... I know you're a pro FK, but I'd like to see even you try and decapitate someone in motion with the backflip saber twirl on purpose without practicing it.

Regardless, I started this thread and the question has nothing to do with whether the moves are obvious ones or not - simply ones that need practicing to pull off well. Jawa8578's original request was simply, "tell me one move, any move, that requires practicing." And so I listed eight off the top of my head, and met the condition of the request. If you simply can't respect that... ah, whatever.

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