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Exclamation JA nf and ff Duel Ladders

Hi there!

Jedi Academy has arrived at Proving Grounds and we're
pleased to announce our first set of Jedi Academy ladders. Ignite your
light saber and head for the JA Sabers 1vs1 Full Force laddersand/or JA Sabers
1vs1 No Force ladders. Each ladder caters to a force preference and
very unique gameplay. If you're looking for a way to hone your saber
skills, join a PG ladder today! If you have any questions regarding
these ladders, please contact Prometheus or Binary or post in our JA Forums Both US and Euro players are welcome.

We're also looking for additional Admins for our Jedi Academy ladders
and any upcoming tournaments. Please fill out an apllication if you're qualified and interested.

We hope to see you there!

Assistant Admin of JA operations
Proving Grounds -

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