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*Unla Shardes: Surface*

*A winged being stands in the wasteland, with some demonic-like features like davin, carrying his own silver sword, but thin. He was rathered by time, weak through the meny centuries he barely managed to live.

He stood staring at the infinate wasteland that was once a captial city, he held a small breathing aparatis to his face, to prevent dust and traces of radiation to be inhaled.

A younger being like the older walks up, with out an aparatis.*

Young half demon "Elder! You know you mustn't be on the surface, you're too weak to be out here."

Elder "And for me to miss the moment where the surface is dark briefly, due to the new sun? I think not."

Young half demon "Come elder, you are the last of the first generation of our kind, we can't afford to lose you."

Elder "I've been alive for three centuries. I'm must be lucky. Very well, I'll go."

*The younger man leads the elder back to an underground complex where a small civilaztion of half demons made their deweling.

Meny can be seen forging swords to checking stockpiles of weaponry such as stromtroper rifles to simple blasters.

The elder was brought to a sort of a throne, where he sat down.*

Elder "Everything was so simple back in my days. I'm still surprised how the first generations could live to much longer then you newer generations."

*A larger half demon, with different demonic attributes, walks up to the throne, he had the attire that would presume that he held some sort of a commanding role in the 'colony' they created on the planet.*

Commander Demon "Elder, our scanners detect a ship that just left hyperspace and begining to orbit the planet."

Elder "Good, good. Let's keep ourselves consealed for now, for we con't be detected as well on conventional scans. Let's watch their movements from afar."

Commander Demon "Very well." *walks away*


*Ulna Shardes Orbit: Shuttle*

Davin "I dont like this. Compared to that planet that we left, the orbit of this planet is quite empty, no ships. Pardon if I have any technological gap of a quite an extreme kind, but is there a way that this ship can 'scan' the orbit for any ships or anything on the surface?"

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