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Regarding the Bazaar

I think they should make the bazaar a lot like the stock market or currency exchange markets. People who sell items get to set the asking price, and people who want to buy a particular item set the bidding price. When people go to try to buy something (at a certain quantity), then they get to see the list of items available, the number being sold, the bid (highest bidding price), the ask (lowest asking price), and the last trade--the last price per unit at which the item was sold--, the time ago (or merely the time) that the last trade occured, and like a chart or something that shows the history of the prices that the item was sold. When a person goes to the bid for that item, he is put into a queue. When it comes time that he is the highest bidder, he pays his money to the asker and he can pick up his item. Essentially the highest (and earliest) bidder gets first dibs, as is the same with the lowest (and earliest) asker. If the highest bid is lower than the lowest ask, then the highest bid is the price for that trade. Most of the time when you go to bid, if you bid highest, you'll get your item (or items depending on quantity) instantly or almost instantly if you tie. If you ask lowest your items will get sold the quickest. (Also, for this, the Devs should get rid of that ridiculous 3000 credit price cap.)
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