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To see the file syntax for SAB files, check out ext_data/sabers/sabers.sab in assets1.pk3.

Psynex, I have some addendums to make to your tutorial:

1. MD3View can read the relative path through the skin file (like models/map_objects/toilets/pissoir.jpg) if you have a legal version of JA installed.

2. Tell the newbies that they have to put where they want the player's hand to be onto the origin (0,0,0) in max.

3. saberColor doesn't work, because you are in a menu where you can pick a color yourself. If you want the default colors (as described in saberColor), write "saber new_custom_saber" into the console.

4. I always only tell the exporter plug-in for max to export only those objects that begin with a "w_", because I backup the old ones (the saber made of primitives and the unoptimized saber).

5. For me, the tag export worked. The tags should be "tag_parent" on 0,0,0 and "tag_blade#" anywhere I want.

6. Naming the saber folder "single_#" or "dual_#" does not help you at all. It's just a bit of Raven's "everything is numbered and not named" trick. I had no problems naming my saber folder "saber_woodblade" for a saber with seven blades and my other saber folder "saber_lilit" (Lilit Twoseas' saber). It really is the .SAB file that counts.

7. Even if you are making a multi-bladed saber, keep the type set to "SABER_SINGLE". Only when you want to make a staff-like saber that can't be used as dual sabers you may use SABER_STAFF.

If you still have some problem, feel free to to post it here and I will look into it.

Now to you, JevTaliz.

The file you need to edit is in assets1.pk3 and is called ui/

If you open this file, you will see something between Java and gibberish. The question you need to ask yourself is "As what kind of saber do I want to declare mine?"

To add it as a Single Saber, search for the text @MENUS_SINGLE_HILT1. To add it as an option in Dual Sabers, search for "ui_saber2" with quotes. To add it as a staff, search for @MENUS_STAFF_HILT1.

You should find yourself near a list named "CvarStrList". In there, you can see entries like:
@MENUS_SINGLE_HILT1 "single_1"

What you need to do is to add your own entry like this:
"<name_of_your_saber>" "<name_in_sab_file>"
"The Two Seas" "lilitsaber"
if your .sab file begins with:


Hope that helped.

(Ravu al Hemio, IH8Andre)
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