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For Reference...

My Fleet (Again)
1 SSD - "Republics Pride III" My Flagship (Quatum Armor Plating[/i])
2 Eclipse II
4 Executer Class Star Destroyers
12 Imperial II Class
16 Victory Class
4 DC-90 Mon Cal Cruisers
8 Correlian Corvettes
6 Interdictor Class Cruisers
1 Sun Crusher
One Modified Correlian YT-1300
All Ships carry TIE Defenders as a Standard Fighter in Standard Complements, All other ship have the Standard Number of Support Vehicles and Troops, such as a Star Destoyer has AT-AT and TIE Bombers.
Also All Hyperspace Capable ships have Bakuran Hyperwave Sustainers which allow the ship to continue a jump through a grav well
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