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Thanks for so much replys =)
It was some work, but one thing that will be changed now is "Red" Thomas Encion .. he need a jaw system. I tried and it doesnt look so bad.

I dont know when the votig is over..but maybe this weekend ( 8 of 12? )

Thanks man, yourīre a friend of the revoutlion
Alaways supporting! =)

Yeah we tried out to give Miguel eyebrows and it looks... *cough*
weird. That was a good idea, maybe I have to try out differnet styles.

Red gets today the jaw system and after that there are 2 big characters...
Death and Nr.2

Yeah to create Nr.2 will be gerat fun

I think too, its about time to think or to prepare the models for animation. Donīt worry it will be better than the old "Sal walk ani" file..

Thats from me, great guys, great forum..

Nighlight! =)

- supreme pleasure -
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