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I don't think that they will be able to make flying twitch flying - the lag can be pretty bad as it is.

What I'm hoping for (And I really can't see the physical limitations of implementing this) is to be able to use an autopilot looking from inside the ship, to be able to engage in combat from a third person view of the ship, with a similar combat system to the one we already have BUT you should only be able to perform evasive manoevures by use of the action keys, this way being a more advanced pilot would actually mean something. Also I hope (REALLY hope) that you will be able to leave the ship on autopilot and get up, walk around and talk to other people on the ship. I also hope that ship travelling isn't instantaneous like shuttles, and you get to see the space while in space.

I will kill the developers if the space flight system is ANYTHING akin to the Rogue Squadron games...

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