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best of luck

yeah best of luck, but this game is too random for any serious playing...
The turn outs for all ladders for this will be poor due to random saber combat and lack of effective combos / skill ramp....
I only have seen 2 players on the FF ladder...
s/o ctf is a lost cause with this game.
And why the heck did LA have raven put the blue glow back for absorb? It makes it useless and gives drainers in duels a huge advantage. Also in ctf it makes the dark player not give power to the light siders when draining gripping ect...thus negating the reason for absorb to protect against attacks. Also the dark guy waits for absorb to turn off and wham drain drain drain ..
I on a lan game dfa'ed an other player with red and he didn't die.
then he hits me with the staff butterfly Staff version of red stance dfa and kills me right away...random i say.... and it was on a LAN....not over the net.
Not being a jerk just pointing out why no one will play on ladders.

hasso is red stance
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