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Yes the game is very random. This nonsense about 'skill' prevailing, is just that, nonsense. I mean naturally, if the skill gap is too big,the better player will win, but as soon as you get players who are as good as each other (as you do on ladders), skill isn't the decisive factor. Randomosity is. Duels can be won or lost on a whim.
But as soon as the devs patch, or if necessary a mod has to do it for them, we hope to use it.

As for JA vs JK2. Well unfortunately, Raven made drain so powerful (whilst removing high damge combos) that ff duels verses two good players are impossible to win. If one guy is low, he can drain whore health back, whilst the other guy cant do any attack whatsoever. All the special moves don't have a long enough range (so the guy can just back pedal and drain). This is providing that you even have enough force to do a special move (due to the guy draining your force).
This means as soon as someone is low, they can drain everything back without the worry that a long range attack or whatever can kill them.

I hope JA can be fixed so that real competetive matches can be restored.

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