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Re: Re: Re: best of luck

Originally posted by FK | unnamed
Donít be to sure about that.

Most of us did not move on because JA because it is so simple and nerfed that it bores us to death.

As for adapting.. Well, don't take this as an insult because it is not, but a vet JK2 player would violate any of you from here to china and back if you ever went head to head with one.

I can personally attest to this because quite frankly, I've logged all of maybe 10 hours max in Jedi Academy, and to be honest, pubbing in Academy is not different than what it was in Outcast.

I encounter scores an scores of player who simply don't know the finer points of game play mechanics beyond the typical game manual fodder like "Absorb will counter Dark side powers".

The truth is, so much of JA is pure text book JK2 that the bottom line is, although a lot of things were nerfed to the point of just being a laughing stock, the majority of content beyond the new Kata moves and the roll stabs (I'm talking about forming a tactical strategy) remains best done by those who mastered it in Outcast.

Doubt that?
Watch this:

Why is this demo important you ask?

It simply shows how those don't just know the game, but know the game will always prevail.

(btw this was a ladder match from twl, and one of the players, pyro is a jk2 vet that has played jk2 almost as little as I have.
The other team? That's the leader and one of the top guys from the largest most active clan in Jedi Academy. Note I did not say the best... the demo proves all that I just stated about old school players handing people their rumps with as much ease as they did in Outcast)

Notice how one team chains team energize, long range pull+throws and almost never gets in harms way of a flailing saber?

That's not on accident amigo.

I am a Jk2 vet (used to play the game since it was released and all) and I surely mastered the game. I wasn't a little 'OMG I WANNA B DARK SIDE AND GRIP EVERY1' type of guy, I quickly learned about the Absorb and all that.

I used to own in JA until I stopped playing it (not any fun anymore, the maps kind of bore me out to death, JK2 had such good custom maps). And I know what us jk2 vets do, Unnamed. It's just alot of red stance side swinging. It sure does not fit in duels, as I kept slashing this guy, he never even died. I myself did lose alot of damage for a little slash though.

Anyway what I'm saying is that being a 'JK2 Vet' is like taking JK2 into JA, just run around red stance side swinging, while laughing at the dual saberists and staffists calling them ''hack slash spam noobs'' or giving the dual sabers the nick name ''noob sticks''.

I only use single saber when I really want to kill somebody, but I always use the staff or dual sabers because I find them more fun.

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