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STUCK- Bespin Streets (spoilers) HELP ME!

First of all I'm no green wimpy guy. I'm a bad-ass Jedi.
Even on these forums, I no newbie, I just re-registered (my computer went all cockamamie).
But I'm stuck. I HAVE ALREADY read every walkthrough, but I can't do it.
I'm on Bespin streets. I have the R5 droid, I went into the small room and activated the elevator. R5 opened the door. Then...
It's the corridor with all the trip mines, snipers and bow-ers.
I have tried shooting the mines but I get shot at.
I even tried setting my item as Bacta tanks, putting on force speed and running sideways (with incredible speed) Shooting at all the gunners, whilst similtainiously using myself to blow up mines, then healing with Bacta.

(It sounds like it could work, but believe me, It doesn't)

People who call me 'paranoid' are probably in on the plot.
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