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*Drops out of hyperspace in a squadron of cloaked Jade Defenders near Imladil's damaged A-Wing*
Goyin to squadron: Target the A-Wing, but don't shoot until we determine if he's hostile or not. (OOS comment, why come up with a new name right?)
Squadron: Targetted sir.
To A-Wing: This is Jade Squadron identify yourself. We have no hostile intentions, unless you show any against us.
The hull of the Jade Defenders are made of quatum reinforced armor, plasma shields, advanced lasers that pulsate and Grenan made specalized fuel. On top of the quatum armor, it's plated with a mix of jade and chromium to give it a beautiful shine and reflecting look. Think a longer V-Wing, a sleeker sharper cockpit, the wings are curved up and it's a starfighter not a airspeeder. It's capable of going about 500x the speed of light. It can cloak too BTW I never figured it out but how fast is a regular hyperdrive engine? I'll play a very minor role, like dropping by every now and then until I figured out what I feel like doing.

There are two types of people who use the Force. There are the ones who let's the Force guide them and there are the ones who abuse the Force. Which one are you?

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