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With in the dark reaches of his base, Rogue3 (or if some one gives me a Name)ponders what to do with this new super weapon.

Rogue3: I can not belive Roguefett had this kind of weapon, I wounder what he might have done with it if I haden't killed him?, I almost feel remorse for those pilots that I killed, but their ships will come in handy, I never thought this machine could make a gavity pull strong enough to rip a ship apart, I wounder what elise this wonderful toy can do. I think I will test it on KDY, I have an old friend to take care of. mwhahahahahahahaha!
****out of story********
I think I should get a name, what do you guys think? sorry nine but I have to do this, after all I am the bad guy now

Roll the TIEs and Light the skies.

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