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Sith Ruins **poss spoiler**

Just finished it and found it thoroughly enjoyable The AI brilliant as expected (just minor glitches) and good flowing gameplay. But, the end, I was expecting Tavion to be a tad harder than she was but when she got possessed

Now to the thread title. I was trying my hardest to fend off the resurrected old sith when I jumped up onto the plinth with the (lion?) statue in the far left corner (as you look at the throne) and stood between the statue and the end wall for a quick breather. Tavion/Ragnos comes running over and tries jumping up, I force push and they try again, I force push them away again and you see the pattern I am making here. My force power maxes and then I push and use lightning, push, push, push, lightning. Not too long and it was all over. Fluke maybe but it worked none the less.

Love the game.
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