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In response to Trahern Valley...

Trahern Valley,

The bazaar works when it comes to encouraging PA selling. The bazaar will work in a pinch, but whatever's considered the cream of the crop is kept off the shelf and held back for those more private auctions and select clientele. Some things you just never see on the open market...
How do we know that 3,000 cr/u is the best marker for the "cream of the crop"? What if the best marker is 3,441 cr/u or even 7,124 cr/u? What if it is 1,123.35443215 cr/u? I understand that you want to promote PA selling, but PA selling is very ineffective compared to bazaar selling. If you read my response to Sorce, then you'll see in the system that I propose the "cream of the crop" will change constantly and will still be prohibitively expense. (I do not wish to repeat myself, so could you read my response if you have not? It is the response to the second quote.) The current system fosters inequality by forcing you to become a member of a group to get a good item. While that may be good to help create the "group mentality" that exists at the time and place the game is, it nevertheless could be done in a better way. Groups could create items to not sell at the bazaar, because they would not want it to fall in the hands of the enemy. When they create an item (or even find it), they can have an option of setting "no bazaar trading," which would prevent them and all future owners of the item from selling it to the enemy. Or they could have it be a group thing. It would be "owned" by the group, and so players using it could not sell it off anyway, without getting permission from the group. Those who do not wish to be part of any group can still get very good items. Of course, this can lead to other things. It could lead to, among others, the development of in-game corporations. In fact the Devs can set up a system to where people would hold stock in those corporations. Alas, however, this discussion is for another time and place, so I won't elaborate on it here.

I hope you are reading and considering my comments. I would post these and others on the game's official development board, but because the computers I have access to are behind firewalls I cannot access those forums. I can only post to the official forums once a week (when I go to LAN Matrix, a computer cafe), which is tonight actually. So I hope that I can get those on the official dev board to read it, and maybe even the Devs themselves.

In short, it's the exact opposite of the bazaar in EverQuest.
What is EverQuest's bazaar? Sorry, I've never played that game. ^_^


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