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Lightbulb If not push....

...if not push... saber throw. just make sure you have one of the two settings on level three if you want it to be effective. remember, though, that with saber throw your timing, aim, and body english (if you move after you throw it) need to be perfect to blow the rocket out of the sky. And be ready to run if you miss the rocket, and be very careful not to saber throw it within like fifteen yards of your position (the rocket explodes on contact with the saber, of course )

P.S. - I can't do this, personally. I find it too hard, and I've only done it maybe three or four times, but i've always reacted too late and it ends up blowing close enough to do me some damage anyway. THis is only for the ppl who are deadly serious about learning immaculate timing for their saber throws.


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