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Knights of the Old Republic.....Mods??

okay, first i know that technically this does not belong here. but i have searched google for hours and can find no suitable forums. biowares official forum does not allow discussion of modding kotor, so this is a last resort. (though i have gotten most of my most useful replies from this very forum board)

does anyone know why, when neverwinter knights is so mod-friendly, kotor would be so d@mn restrictive with this? second does anyone know anything about a toolset or a tutorial helping to get into the textures/skins.

i am primarily into skinning and from the screenshots i saw i couldn't wait to start messing around with their skins, but i cannot figure out how to get into them. i tried the tools release for NWN, but to little avail.

so does anyone know of a mod board/forum/site for this game? and if not does anyone know how to get into the goodies? ?
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