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Okay. ;D

I can't help but make a little comment on religion. I happen to be a Christian myself, but I don't see homosexuality to be wrong in the least. Sure the Bible says that it's wrong, but the Bible says a lot of things - such as people who eat fish are sinners. I personally believe that Christianity should be regarded as relatavist, not absolutist. After all, when Jesus was asked what the most important law is, he said love thy neighbour (or words to that effect). Isn't tollerating same sex marriages loving your neighbour, then? Remember no-one's forcing you to marry a man. ;

You say that not using your male anatomy to fullfil it's natural purpose is morally wrong. This is a valid point (thought up by Aquinas in his theory of natural moral law no less!), but does this then mean that anything that doesn't live up to it's natural purpose is wrong? By this line of logic, contraception is morally wrong, because you're not using your penis to breed children which is what it was designed for. In addition masturbation is wrong for the same reasons. This, however is debatable - can you really condemn people for such acts? Surely if contraception keeps unwanted births down then it is morally good? If you make the move to say that it is only wrong in certain situations then it's not clear as to when it is morally acceptable and when it is not; thus your argument gets lost.

On Edit Furthermore, if you're talking about the natural thing being the most morally right, then surely going against being gay is going against what is natural for you? It's like telling you, a hetrosexul, to be gay. It goes against who you are and - if we're taking the religious aproach - who God set you out to be. You can't help the way you feel just as you can't help liking sex and breathing.

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