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First off, let me say that I think we can all agree that many of those influenced even moderately by their religions are going to see that "same-sex marriage" is counter to their beliefs. Suffice it to say this now, so we can all get past this point and move on to looking at the issue in a critical way rather than a theistic one.

In examining this concept critically, I challenge anyone to come up with a valid reason of why "same-sex marriage " should be prohibited.
  • We've set aside religion, so let's skip that.
  • The argument that marriage should be between those able to reproduce doesn't hold up: there are 6 billion people in the world; plenty of unwanted children; plenty of unfit parents; etc.
  • Also, there are plenty of married people who cannot conceive already, so by disallowing marriage between those that "cannot conceive" they'll be included.
  • There is no supporting evidence that homosexuality is any more likely to occur with children who are raised by homosexual parents; and
  • even if it were, there is no logical reason to care whether someone's sexual preference includes those of one's own gender
  • The argument that "same-sex marriages" are more likely to fail than sexually diverse marriages won't fly either. In fact, I'd bet my next pay check that, if anything, studies will demonstrate more stability among "same-sex marriages."

The way I see opposition to homosexuality is very simple: it's a form of racism. Homosexuality is as valid a characteristic of race as any other characteristic, in fact, I'd argue that it is more so than skin pigmentation.

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