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I tried reading through it, like I tried reading through the original post; I kinda zoned out along the way, though I got the impression you were describing the big depression, or Black Monday (or Tuesday, or whichever day it was), or something. Sorry. All I can say is you seem to know way more about business than I do, heh.

It's just a game. Panicking should not be involved.

The big problem seems to be that noone knows how much anything is supposed to cost. The 3k limit is our main clue in the game, and it's not a very good one. There's a few more clues in the movies, and probably the Extended Universe literature; offhand I seem to recall Luke sold his speeder for 2k in order to give Han his advance for passage to Alderaan, and that 10k was almost enough to buy a ship anyway. Another topic concerning the eventual space expansion, perhaps...

Meandering away from the point is a hobby of mine, I'm told. Where was I...because there are no NPC vendors to buy/sell everything, we have no frame of reference with which we can decide on our own prices. I suppose this is complicated by things like overall quality of a resource, or the decay status of a weapon...I could go on, but I imagine everyone gets the idea.

We've got a brand new economy to play with in SWG. Perhaps what we need to do is remember what we did way back when we stopped using leaves as legal tender. How did our ancestors decide how much anything was worth when they invented economics?

I know PA shops aren't the most effective or efficient way of trading, but I've no problems with that. It's more fun than having everything readily available, especially when it only takes a coupla weeks of 'casual play' missions and looting to rack up a quarter million credits. It's fun just to buy a laser carbine from a rebel player's shop with my covert imperial and then gun down countless rebel NPCs with it in faction missions...

I was going to explain the EQ bazaar at this point, but it's nearing 11am and I never went to bed last night; so if you'll excuse me, I need to go do the snoring thing awhile.
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