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I will say this. I challenge the homosexual community then to thus support the rights of transexuals in the same breath. I cannot honestly support same sex marriage unless at the same time polygamy, transexuals, etc are also made legal.

I don't care about same sex marriages. HOWEVER, I oppose those who do not in the same breath go to legalize every alternative lifestyle. It smells to me of hypocrisy. (A LOT of gay supporters I've seen on TV do this. They try to argue that somehow homosexual issues should be given credence over transexuals. this is bigotry and hypocrisy.)

On a side note, I will refuse to support it as well if it is obtained by underhanded means. Namely, imposed by a judge in the case of the United States. Judges should not and do not have the power to make laws. Hell, in the Massachusetts ruling a lesbian judge said her our court did not have the power to force the legislature to make a law.
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