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i read over the eula for both games, and they seemed very similar in content. the parts about all material being the intellectual property of so and and so on and so forth are in the eula of the games being modded and having supported mods on this site.

I decided to have a look through, and I found a couple of points :

You may not: (2) modify or prepare derivative works of the Software; 5) design or distribute unauthorized levels; or (6) reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the Software.

but this is standard in practically every eula for every game out there and no one is shutting the mods for these games down. and i am not interested in new levels or plotlines, or their software. i just want to mees with the skins. that is not infringing upon Luasarts' intellectual property at all. anymore so than messing with the skins for JO or JA is.
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