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Interesting thoughts.

I don't care about same sex marriages. HOWEVER, I oppose those who do not in the same breath go to legalize every alternative lifestyle. It smells to me of hypocrisy. (A LOT of gay supporters I've seen on TV do this. They try to argue that somehow homosexual issues should be given credence over transexuals. this is bigotry and hypocrisy.)
I guess gays can be "racists" too.

I think SW is betting his paycheck because there is a high rate of heterosexual divorce. But are there statistics on tracking long term gay couple relationships and then breakups? Of what I know of the gay community, there seem to be more short term and shallow relationships than otherwise, but I don't know how representative that opinion is.

If the laws are changed to accommodate same-sex marriages, what other parameters of marriage might also be challenged? There might be an outcry for polygamy next....

I think it all comes down to treating your partner with respect and consideration. I am undecided about the legality of same sex marriages. The reason heterosexuals marry is that traditional society (and religion) expects it, the legal system (and society) can put them into a category, and it gives structure to society. If same sex couples marry, then they would also have the ability to have same sex divorce....$$$
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