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Exclamation Clans plz plz plz read!!!!

ok, i am from a the sith alliance and am here representing the sith alliance
saber lords of the republic
the elite sith
Outcast Union
The Jedi Of The Old Code (if u guys are in, lol)
DX (im not sure wots happening there, lol)
We are proposing that clans throughout the world unite start a kinda galactic senate, (the closest thing in real life is the United Nations)
Now what is the point in this i hear you cry! well ill try and explain a few things. the leaders of the clans involved can meet and discuss the problems that they are facing and seek guidence from the other leaders. along with this we can recognise the threats of other clans that are disturbing peace and as a group force we can try to calm them down with, hehe, i quote, 'agressive negotiations' if they do not respond to our request to leave other clans alone.
i think ive written enuff now, hehe.
We have arranged a meetin for saturday the 29th, itll be in the PPZ server ( at 6pm GMT, (i think thats right, its 6pm in england anyway) i dont no all the timezones so youll have to figure your own out, sry. It will be password protected, so if you leave your email ill send it to you, we dont want no lamers now do we. lol.
and if u think your clan could become apart of it i post here and i will get back to you. and spread the word, ask ure allies and other clans u now to join!!
thnx a million even if uve only read it, lol

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