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Most of what I would have said has been said already (in more than one thread, by the way), so I'll only add my view: If you do something by choice to someone else who by choice wants you to do it, and it is not to attack anyone or anything, and it hurts nothing and no one*, it's not right.

Thus, being a homosexual is as right as being a pedophile or an animal fetishist**. But having sex with a child or a doggie is a violation of the child's and doggie's boundaries and causes mental and possibly physical injuries.

Excersisng homosexuality by mutual choice, however, by means of anal or oral sex, masterbation, oral contact with private parts and so on, is not harmful*** and thus not morally wrong.

*I know homosexuality may offend homophobes and others who do not support homosexuality, but I exclude these people because homosexuality, as long as it's practiced in an appropriate way, is not meant to be harmful.
**This because pedophilia and other conditions are not chosen.
***As long as no diceases or unwanted results are produced by unsafe and irresponsible behaviour.

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