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Two things.

Of course it is everyone's personal opinion. It is my personal opinion that homosexual marriage should not be allowed. To me, (I am not homophobic, I have friends who are gay) the idea of one man or woman sharing that special feeling and emotion with another man or woman is just not right. This is my personal opinion. I may not even have any reasons to back it up (not including religion).

Also, a female who is not able to give birth or a man whos sperm is not correct is different from homosexuality. These are physical defects that could occur through time, violence, or an accident. The links below (after the next paragraph) suggest that homosexuality could be with a person from birth. (I hope everyone sees what I mean, I did not write that to clearly.)

However, it is true that the left (or right side, I can't remember which) of the male or female brain in a homosexual is different than that of a heterosexual person. In a male it is formed more like a female's brain, leading to the attraction to men, and vise versa with females.

Second Paragraph

This is not my excuse for believing that homosexaulity is wrong, I'm just pointing out that there could actually be something that affects the brains of those who are homosexual.

And Lathain Valtiel, those are some nice points there.

Originally posted by InsaneSith
Also, how is it that people always gang up on the sodomy when the bible also says oral sex is not allowed nor is porn of any manner, but that also brings to mind that in the 1500's and 1600's porn was distributed inside of bibles on the pages.
You have to remember that in that time period, the church was doing all sorts of immoral things that led to Luther's Reformation and Cavinism and the Wars of Religion. The Catholic church in that time was a VERY messed up thing; they were selling "tickets" that would take away sin, selling away positions away in the church, all to get more money. This was why Luther nailed his 95 Thesis to the church door. There were misguided people leading the church then.

Just one more thing. What type of pornography are you talking about? Was it "actual, harmful, meant to give men self-pleasure porn" or was it art, paintings of famous Bible scenes.

Anyway, back to the topic.
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