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This is my personal opinion. I may not even have any reasons to back it up
Really, why post it then? You know someone is going to dispute it, especially in the Senate. So what happens when someone does that (which they have) and you don't have anything to back up your opinion? You end up looking stubborn and thick-skulled.

Not to say you do. You provided reasons, however much I might disagree with them. And now I will proceed to say why:

First of all... you say that it "doesn't seem right" to you. Fair enough. Lots of things dont seem right to lots of people. But does that mean that it should be illegal? Golf seems stupid to me. Dressing up in funny clothes to whack a ball around a big open field in the hot sun doesn't seem right to me at all. But it's not hurting me, so why make it illegal?

Secondly...So what if homosexuality is biological? From what I'm reading in those articles and your post, that's what you're saying, right? That's what we're saying too!

So why not let these people live normal lives? Shall we say to them "You cannot get married, even though you deeply love this man." One might make the argument that homosexuals are handicapped, in that they do not have the capability, should they choose to marry a member of the same sex, to reproduce.

But this isn't the same thing as telling a handicapped person "You can't run in the Olympics because you can't walk!" Homosexuals getting married is something that is perfectly feasible and realistic, and their "handicap" is not what's holding them back from it. Society is.

In response to Valtiel: I agree. When people push for the rights of homosexuals, they should also be pushing the rights of any (harmless) alternative lifestyle. You can't pick and choose which one is ok, because they're all ok. So yes, I would push for legalization of all harmless alternative lifestyles, as long as they don't impose on anyone else.

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