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Whats up with this jk2 is better than jk3 **** dont you guys relize that jk3 is a new game! It will be just as good and better than jk2 soon. The upcoming holidays will boost the players allot, and more maps will come out and I know some people that will be making mods including me when the sdk comes out.
The reality of it is, that jk2 players still like jk2 and are waiting for Christmas to come(like me)..
I map I mod I dont really care about skinning and I am pretty good... no really good so I am a "vet" too.
From a mapping and modding point of view there is ALLOT I MEAN ALLOT more things you can do.
And just wait a fiew months and it will be just as popular as jk2 was...
BTW there are half as manny people and servers as there used to be and most servers are not off because they have allready paid for them so it looks to me like its jk3 or nothing pretty soon..


As for the ladder I think thats a great idea, but I hate the sceduels and crap........

Please dont talk **** about jk3 your not helping....
Oh yea, I hope there wont be sico admin mods, admins abuse the powers to much, most servers in jk2 are full of power hungry ass hole admins, its hard to find a good FFA and CTF server these days.....

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