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Originally posted by Reborn Outcast
Animals have gay sex to show family love, or they are just plain ol' horny. (Excuse the crude language.) We have no idea whether animals can actually have gay relationships, such as two "married" male animals.
im fairly sure i saw a documentary about 2 gay ducks (or it might have been swans) that returned to the same place year after year.
Can't provide a reference though, so maybe i was imagining it. (can't think why i would do that though )

I agree with others that i still can't see how it affects anyone else. I get the distinct impression (especially with all the talk of the left's agenda) that a lot of people somehow believe that allowing gays to marry will somehow devalue their marriage. It's not something i understand, but there definately seems to be some fear there somewhere.

sorry to pick on keralys, who seems to be badly outnumbered, but you say
If you think that Christianity is capable of being interpreted relativistically, then you're not reading the same Bible I am. It's either true or it's not;
and then go on to immediately say that the rule on fish is "for health reasons". Surely this is you interpretting the bible's meaning??? Maybe god had a specific reason not to want people to eat fish? It doesn't seem at all likely, and so people have discounted it as no longer being relevant. However this is still an interpretation of the original message and could still be incorrect.

As for interpreting the bible, im fairly sure it says do not kill, but i would bet you support the death penalty. There are also numerous instances where the bible contradicts itself completely.

You have to take into account that the new testament of the bible is not, like some other religions, considered to be the "direct word of god". It is the thoughts and recollections of a number of people who met jesus and was put together a lot of years after his death. As such it is already subject ot their interpretations of what he actually meant, as well as the subtle influences of their inbuilt preconceptions and prejudices. Then you have to take into account the numerous translations and revisions, all of which will have slightly altered and interpreted the meanings yet again. Heck, if the bible somehow managed to miss out a couple of jesus disciples and his wife, i think they may have altered the meaning of a few things in a few places.

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