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Glad to see that others are doing their own plays. I'd be happy to do anything since I too have microphone.

On this same note, I was in the thought process (Very early as in I don't even have any characters yet) for a parody of The Matrix; of course in radio form. I have only three characters so far and one of them is really badly defined. Since I meant it to sort of do to "The Matrix" what Lost Cause did to "Star Wars," could you give me any tips on how you made the characters? I thought some of the beauty of Lost Cause was that it's humor was completely unrelated to Star Wars: Number Two is the best example. None of the characters is really a parody: Lube acts nothing like Luke, Ham acts nothing like Han. And that was the funny part. Is that something I should follow?

I am not just saying this because The Adwenturer brought it up; Holdios and Bossmilky can vouch that I already thought up of "The Matrix Parody" (I cannot find a good title and I've really tried).

And 8, I hope that trying to have a "Lost Cause" of "the Matrix" doesn't offend you; I know we'll never do as good as Lost Cause. I'm not being Scampdog here I hope you know that.

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